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Rockyfield Realtor Associate Program

We have no intention to become a broker firm that employs many active agents, simply because we are not set up for it. There are many real estate licensees who are inactive but want to keep their license status. Or a lincensee may love to interact with customers as a salesperson but he or she may not be very keen for administrative or paper work. If you are one of them, Rockyfield is a place.

Inactive Realtors
If you are currently inactive with no plan to resume active agent business, but if you want to keep your license for your own real estate transactions or other purposes, you can find Rockyfield as a good broker to join because we do not require quotas. There is no pressure to perform at Rockyfield. We are always ready to help and assist you, nonetheless.

Realtors only interested in getting customers
If you do not like to do procedural stuff, but are interested in gaining customers, we have a unique program for you. After your buyer agrees to make an offer, or your seller is ready to sign a listing agreement, we will take the deal from that moment on. You will remain as either co-selling agent or co-listing agent, helping the assigned selling or listing agent. You will receive handsome referral fees for your bringing customers.

Established Professionals
If you are an established professional who does not need a "Big Name" umbrella,and if you are primarily working from your own home, Rockyfield can be a good broker of your choice. We need to examine if you can work with the minimum level of supervision required by the law.

New Realtors or Realtors with Limited Experience
We are afraid that Rockyfield is not an ideal place for new lincensees.



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