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Fixer-Upper Properties

We have selected a few fixer-upper properties currently available for sale based solely on our personal opinion, and they may be limited to the ones we have personally seen and no way reflect objective values. We may add a few comments which are subjective and not based on research or professional opinion. In our own view, some of them may be too expensive for investors. Some of them may be just for cosmetic upgrades only. The information on the MLS is provided by the listing agents and not ours. We suggest that you contact us for further details and important information of these fixer-upper properties.

Updated: 05/26/23

TORRANCE / SOUTH REDONDO After opening the link, please click MLS numbers at left for details.

(Note: Some of them may be too expensive. The list may include properties which need minor upgrades, and not real fixer upper properties. We will be happy to discuss individual properties. so please feel free to call us.)


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