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Our Personal Choice of the Week

We have selected from the recently listed homes for sale based solely on our personal preference, and they are limited to the ones we have personally seen and no way reflect objective values. There are many other good houses available in the market. Comments are Rockyfield's own personal views. Please note that we have not conducted thorough inspection of these properties, and we do not guarantee in any rate the accuracy or appropriateness of our comments. This page is normally updated every Tuesday evening with frequent exceptions.

Please note that these properties chosen here tend to sell fast as records show.

Updated: 04/09/19

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  • 5309 Waupaca, RPV

  • Listed by Steve Smith, RE/MAX Estate Properties
    Nice backyard and the house is remodeled right. The price is great. Good for a rental property.

  • 6917 Purpole Ridge, RPV

  • Listed by Lynn Kim, Vista Sotheby's Int'l
    It is a charming house. This is a good for a rental property.

  • 1428 Via Coronel, PVE

  • Listed by Lilly Liang, Strand Hill Christie's Int'l
    Good price!!


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