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New listings (24) continue coming on the market in large numbers, while sales (17) are not up to normal April numbers. The market inventory keeps rising and listings in escrow decreased. From the ratio, it does not look very good. We are hoping that sales listed below $1.5M will pick up this week. The median escrow price soared last week as 11 of those contracted last week were over $1.5M and 7 of them were over $2M. Lower priced properties did not sell well just because of lack of available listings. If those below $1.5M sell well this week, the median price should come down.

Please see our trend analysis graphs Trend Analysis.

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Single Family Homes
(As of 09:00 April 22, 2018) (Source: MLS)
$0--  $899,900 5 4 80%
$900,000 --  $999,900 3 1 33%
$1,000,000 --  $1,249,900 12 13 108%
$1,250,000 --  $1,499,900 17 14 82%
$1,500,000 --  $1,999,900 39 25 64%
$2,000,000 --  $2,999,900  52 9 17%
$3,000,000 --    45 9 29%
TOTAL 173 79 46%
MEDIAN PRICE (,000) $2250 $1698  

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The market trend graphs (supply-demand and price movements) are here Trend analysis

Townhomes and Condominiums
The townhome market is still in a good shape though the ratio is down. Given the shortage of low priced single family homes, townhomes are expected to keep sellng well. The condo market is up again. Excluding Terranea condos, the raio is still OK. (E/A Ratio:townhomes- 82%; condos- 93%, traditional condos- 167%). Torrance has extreme shortage of townhomes and condos.

The following links will lead you to active properties listings Rockyfield has selected at its own discretion from Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Displaying those properties in no way means any recommendation or endorsement by Rockyfield. All information included in our presentation is subject to professional inspections and various regulations.

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  Townhomes (updated 04/10/18)
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Some townhomes may be listed as condominiums.
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  Condominiums (updated 04/10/18)
Palos Verdes Area  
  South Torrance & Redondo Beach  

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